Ellijay, GA

 73 mile road ride starting at Mount Pleasant Church on Big Creek Rd. Additional parking, if needed, at Big Creek fire station. Lots of stores to stop at.

Big Creek Rd. Mount Pleasant Church 73 Miler

L- from the church
L- Newport Rd.
R- jct Dial Rd
R- jct Hwy 60
L- Skeenah Gap Rd
R- jct Hwy 76
R- Hicks Gap Rd
L- Jct unsigned Rd
R- Owltown Gap Rd
Stay on main road all the way to Hwy 19-129, Owltown Gap Rd makes a sharp left. Stay right on main road. You come out on Owltown spur.
R- Jct Hwy 19-129 from Blairsville
STORE on RIGHT at 35 miles
R- Wolfpen Gap Rd
STORE on RIGHT in Suches
R- Jct Hwy 60
L- Dial Rd
L-Newport Rd
R- Jct Big Creek Rd back to church