Chamblee / Dunwoody / Brookhaven rides 

Basic Silver Lake route... 
About 12 miles. Start at Granger Dr and Harts Mill Rd 
Proceed west (right) to Bubbling Creek (at bottom hill, just before light), turn left. 
Bubbling Creek to 4-way stop, Turn Right. On Donaldson Dr. 
Donaldson Drive to Light at “Old 5 Points” (also called Old Cross Keys) – cross Ashford Dunwoody / Johnson Ferry/ Donaldson. Use light to cross intersection [bike does not weigh enough to trip light – you need a car to help], go straight (more on less) on Ashford Dunwoody. 
Up small hill, then down, then up again… turn Right on Humility (turn lane starts at bottom hill, after Stratfield) 

Proceed straight (Humility becomes Hearst Dr) at 4-way stop turn right on Lanier Dr. 

Lanier Drive to 4-way stop, turn Right on Inman Dr. Inman Dr is “Silver Lake loop” – stay on Inman (quite a few turns and twists) to end. 
At end of Inman (T into Woodrow), do a U-turn and reverse back to Lanier Dr. (You need to experience it in both directions…) 

Turn Right on Lanier Dr (through 4-way stop @ Windsor Parkway), at next 4-way turn right onto Oglethorpe Dr (Church on left). (pass 4-way at Windsor Parkway) 

Proceed ~ 1 block, turn left into Oglethorpe University. Turn right, ,follow road past soccer parking, left to loop through fraternity parking, then reverse and return. 

Right out of Oglethorpe, then left at 4 way onto Lanier Dr, to end of Lanier Dr at Hearst, turn right, then right again on Humility, then to Ashford Dunwoody. Very carefully turn left on Ashford Dunwoody. 

Two options – return to “old 5 points”, which is all uphill on Ashford Dunwoody (with dopes driving SUV’s passing you) – a little scary but I do it, or Take next left (also scary) and go through neighborhood, then X Ashford Dunwoody again. 

1) – AD route- Proceed up hill towards “old 5 points”, easier option is to turn into Publix on right, go through parking lot (pedestrians have several crosswalks), then exit on Johnson Ferry side. Carefully turn left onto Johnson Ferry, then right into parking lot in front of Blockbuster, pass through, then Right on Donaldson Dr. 

2) – Hampton Hall Route – Take next left at Stratfield Dr. Keep to right. Turn Right on Kadleston Way. Kadleston “T’s” into Ashford Dunwoody at Publix – carefully cross AD and proceed into Publix lot, continue as for 1). 

Donaldson to 2nd 4-way stop, turn Right on Woodstream Circle (left is Bubbling Creek). Woodstream Circle to 4-way stop, turn right onto Donaldson (again). Down hill, , then up, to end at Teal Rd. Left on Teal, then ½ block back to Harts Mill Rd (left to return). 

Variations to add a couple of miles: 
Brookhaven/ Capital City Loop: 
From Inman and Woodrow Way – turn left, proceed up hill to Windsor Parkway. 
Turn Right on Windsor (4-way stop), pass blinking light, to 4-way stop @ Marby Rd Turn Left on Marby Rd. 
Turn Right on Brookhaven Dr. Right on Davidson Ave. Left on W. Brookhaven Dr. Left on Brookhaven Dr, Left on E. Brookhaven Dr, back to Marby Rd. (Consider detours through E. Club and W. Club :Lane, also Club Drive – they are all different roads and do not intersect) 

Keswick Park and Sexton Woods: 
From Donaldson Dr, ,turn right (south) on Cold Springs Lane. Turn Right on Keswick Dr at 3-way stop. (If feeling need for abuse, from Cold Springs go left on Carmel, right on Donaldson, right on Fortingale, left on Cold Springs, left on London, right on Donaldson, right on Keswick). 

Take Keswick to 4-way stop at Hildon Rd, turn right, then right on Hildon Circle (makes a loop) back to Hildon Rd and then Keswick. Return by turning left on Keswick, at bottom of hill turn left toward soccer fields, to parking lot and back (there is a foot path that connects Hildon Circle to soccer fields). 

Take Keswick Rd north to Hamlin Rd, Turn Right. Turn Right on Sexton Woods, then Left on Vanet. Take Vanet Rd. uphill (east, then north). Vanet Rd re-joins Sexton Woods, angle right, then turn Left on Harts Mill and return. 

Chamblee High School: From Harts Mill proceed East, turn right on Spring St (just after Sexton Woods). Turn left onto Mendanhall St, CCHS will be on your right. 

Hills of South Dunwoody 
Start at Ashford Dunwoody and Harts Mill Rd (light in front of Marist School). Proceed North on Ashford Dunwoody (construction area is a big mess but the plan is to put bike lane in when done). Turn Right at light on West Nancy Creek Dr. Proceed to 4-way stop, turn left on Candler Lake West. Turn Left on Navajo Trail, then Right on Shawnee Lane, then left on Ashwoody Ct. (or take hill all at once and turn directly onto Ashwoody Ct from Candler Lake West). Turn Left on to Ashwoody Trail, then at Y angle left to Oak Forrest Dr. 
Cross Ashford Dunwoody at light, Oak Forrest becomes Perimeter Summit Parkway. Ride to end at Peachtree Dunwoody, (becomes lake Hearn Dr), then return – angle left onto Lake Hearn, then right on Parkside Place, then turn Right on Perimeter Summit Parkway and return to Oak Forrest. At Y angle left onto Oak Forrest Dr, follow around to Ashwoody (on left), return to Ashford Dunwoody and West Nancy Creek. Proceed through light across AD to West Nancy Creek, ride all the way to end (ride the circles past the “No Outlet” sign for variety, or turn left and climb “The Ascent” and/or W Nancy Creek Place). 
The right on AD to start. 

Variation: From W. Nancy Creek and AD, proceed East, across lake dam, to 4-way stop. Turn Left on Candler lake East, then right on E. Nancy Creek, then Right on Nancy Creek Way, then Left onto Chandler Lake East (you have been here before..). At 4-way, turn Left on East Nancy Creek, turn Left onto Ashentree Dr. Ashentree ends at Chamblee Dunwoody Rd. Turn Right on CD, go down hill, there is a large church with an expansive lawn on left (just before bridge over Nancy Creek). Turn left into church parking lot, proceed around back of church (left side). At rear, there is a drive which connects to Commodore Dr. (Huntley Hills neighborhood) 
The most direct way back to start follows. Turn Left onto Commodore Dr. Turn Left onto Admiral Dr. Admiral Dr. wanders around and ends up at Chamblee Dunwoody Rd., just across from Chamblee Charter High School. 
Cross CD road, jog right then left to Mendenhall St, (access to CCHS parking lot). Mendenhall to end, turn right onto Spring Street, then left on Harts Mill Rd, take ~ 1 ½ mile to intersection with AD (start point).