Georgia's UCI Rated Climbs

In Road Racing, climbs are rated according to Category. Length of the climb and steepness both contribute to the ranking. Also, the placement of the climb in the stage may play a roll in its ranking. A very rough guideline* is:
4th Category - the lowest category, climbs of 200-500 feet (70-150m)
3rd Category - climbs of 500-1600 feet (150-500m)
2nd Category - climbs of 1600-2700 feet. (500-800m)
1st Category - climbs of 2700-5000feet (800-1500m)
Hors Category - the hardest, climbs of 5000 feet+ (1500m+)
The UCI rated climbs in Georgia for the Tour De Georgia in the early 2000’s, currently 2003-2005. The rankings are:
Clocktower Hill (Rome) Cat. 4
Woody’s Gap Cat. 3
Dick’s Creek Gap Cat. 3
Fort Mountain Cat. 2
Unicoi Gap Cat. 2
Neal’s Gap Cat. 2
Wolfpen Gap Cat. 2
Hogpen Gap Cat. 1
Brasstown Bald HC
*From the Rec.Bicycles FAQ at