Local Climb Elevation Gain

Most of the climbs are in Paulding and Polk Counties in West Georgia. Thanks to Chris at www.atlbike.org for these!S


Dallas => Hulseytown (data is cumulative)
Olivett segment 3.30mi 242ft
Willow, Spring Rd 6.41min 616ft
Hulseytown Rd 11.45mi 1255ft


Vinson Mtn 3.78mi 615ft
vanWert to junction

Paris Mtn 5.29mi 849ft
Marble St to Browning Rd

Everett Mtn 3.5mi 539ft
Morgan Val to Browning Rd

Hightower Rd 4.33mi 634ft
Morgan Val to Mtnview

Cobb Mtn Rd 3.29mi 580ft
AntiochRd to water tower (on MtnView)

Hammer Head Loop 4.88mi 671ft
Fullwood Springs to Crossroads Ch

Willow Springs Rd 4.46mi 610ft
from Olivett

Cole Lake Rd 2.75mi 368ft
Happy Val Ch to Scoggins Rd

Waters ,McClung, CochRidge 5.69mi 555ft
Reversed 475ft

Cole Lake, Paul Harris 5.49 632ft
Reversed 553ft

the Sky Loop:
Hughes, Mein Mitchell, Austin Bridge, Mill Ck 5.23mi 442ft

Burnt Mountain:

"The first climb 7.7mi is a mere 2,100ft (that's not elev boys) the second climb 5mi is 1,740+200 to get to the top of Sunrise Ridge. Or 4,040ft and your still near the top of the highest mtn in the region. So I'd guesstimate you have just under 6,000ft of climb for the 52miles."