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About the Publisher:

Trish Albert lives in Atlanta, GA. She is a Cat. 3 Road Racer, Sport Mountain Biker, and Women's A/Cat. 3 Cyclocross racer.

I have had a life long passion for horses. Growing up, I showed American Saddlebreds at Cleveland Park Stables in Greenville, SC. While at Clemson University, I started to show Hunter/Jumper horses and spent several years on the A circuit and BRHJA and PSJ circuits in the Carolinas. I currently ride at an event barn and enjoy hunter paces, long trail rides, and bumming around the barn.

My other passion is cycling. I race for Sorella Cycling. I have been ranked in the Top 10 nationally in Cat. 2 MTB/XC in the past was Number 1 in May 2003. In 2010 and 2011, I was second overall in the Georgia Championship Series in Cat. 2 Women. I'm also a Cat. 3 cyclcross racer and enjoy spending a painful 45 minutes with the Women's A ladies every Sunday in the fall. I'm the Media Director for the Georgia Cyclocross Series. I am "retired" from road racing although I still hold my Cat. 3 there and a Cat. 4 on the track.

Cycling is a stress reliever. Except for the feeling of sailing over a jump on a horse, there is nothing like the freedom I feel when I'm on a long downhill after the climb to the top.

When not riding horses or bikes, I enjoy reading, flopping on the couch, collecting model horses, spending time with friends, and photography. I also enjoy spending time with my husband, who is a Cat. 3 roadie.

Southeastern Cycling was founded in 1996 when there were very few resources on-line for mountain bikers. Back then, it was called Charlotte MTB On-line and later expanded to include Columbia (SC) MTB On-line. The main services were a comprehensive trail and a shop listing for both cities. In 1998, I relocated to Atlanta, GA and shifted the focus of the website to the ATL. Shortly after my move, this site became Southeastern Cycling. Today, SE Cycling provides race coverage, race reports and photos, race listings, event happenings, mountain bike trail listings, and much more for the Georgia area. Carolinas, Tennessee, and Alabama coverage is also kept up to date as much as possible. Southeastern Cycling is always looking for writers and photographers.

Trish Jumping on Horse