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2011 WBL Commerce Classic

Commerce Classic

· Mile 0: Head out Prince Avenue from Sunshine Cycles. Cross the bypass. At the Country
Club, hit the access road (cross to other side of railroad tracks. Continue to ride parallel
with Prince/Jefferson Road).Continue straight on frontage road to the Pink Church (7
miles). At the 4 way stop at the Pink Church, go straight onto Cane Creek Road to the stop sign. (9 miles). Turn right onto Crooked Creek Road. Take Crooked Creek ½ mile to stop sign. Turn left on Jefferson River Road. Go to stop sign at Kings Bridge Road Intersection. Go straight continuing on Jefferson River Road.
· Mile 13: Turn right on Orr’s School Road Go ¼ mile to stop sign. Turn right on
Brockton Loop Road. Travel @ 3.5 miles and turn right at McRee Road. Go ¼ mile to dead end/ stop sign and turn right on Hwy 335/Brockton Road (Mile 18).
· Mile 18: Take Hwy 335 for 1 mile and turn right on Cabin Creek. Go ¼ mile to 4-way stop and turn left on Waterworks.
· Mile 19.5: Take Waterworks for 5 miles (through all stop signs) and veer right on Scott Street. Take Scott Street for ½ mile (through 1st stop sign) to dead end/stop sign at Main Street in Commerce. Turn right on Main Street (Mile 25). You are now traveling parallel to the rr tracks (on left) in downtown Commerce.
· Mile 25: Take Main Street for 1.5 miles to intersection/traffic light at Hwy 441. Go straight across and onto Hwy 334. Stay on Hwy 334 for 2.5 miles and turn left on Groaning Rock Road (Mile 29)
· Mile 29: Take Groaning Rock for a little over 1 mile and turn left on W.L. Williams Road. Stay straight on W.L. Williams for @1.5 miles to dead end/stop sign. Turn right on Neese-Commerce Road (aka Planter-Minish Road) (Mile 32).
· Mile 32: Stay on Neese Commerce Road for 3 miles and turn left on Lucky Jones Road. Take Lucky Jones Road for @ 2 miles to dead end/stop sign and turn right on Nowhere Road (Mile 36.5).
· Mile 36.5: Take Nowhere Road for 2 miles to stop sign and veer right on Commerce-Neese but quickly veer right back onto Nowhere Road. Go @ 2miles to 4-way stop sign and continue Straight on Nowhere Road. Take Nowhere Road home, veering right on Freeman and come on home.
50 Miles